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To serve you better, the Camacho Family of Funeral Homes now has an on-site crematory. Should you or someone you love chose cremation, we will now be able to carry out your wishes faster and in a more cost efficient manner.


The purpose of this presentation is to suggest to those considering immediate disposition, some thoughts that will be helpful for planning during the time of bereavement.

Cremation is one of the alternatives available in our society to dispose of the remains of a loved one following death. This type of disposition is growing in acceptance among many communities in our country.

Eric Lindemann, a noted grief psychologist, said: "Death is a psychological amputation." Regardless of the chosen procedure in dealing with the remains of a loved one, the survivors experience the process of grief. Feelings of shock, denial, anger, and depression surface in life as the healing process takes place. There is no short cut. Just as you cleanse a wound to make it ready for healing , so also what you do after death concerning the funeral and commitment of the body of the deceased, will determine your ability to cope and adjust to this reality.

Some suggest the removal and immediate disposition of the remains following the death, easily solves the difficult problem of separation. We know that death is painful for the family, friends, and acquaintances of your loved one. Of all the difficult experiences of life we are called upon to face, the crisis of death is the most momentous. What at first seems easiest may not be best.


It is important to provide those concerned with the opportunity for positive reflection upon the life of the one who has died. That person's life has touched many others, leaving impressions that will long be remembered. A meaningful service centered around his or her life can and should be a beneficial event which provides a unique occasion for family and friends in the community to share expressions of appreciation and remembrance.


Many people feel that if the remains are disposed of immediately, the trauma will be lessened for those who survive. When there is no service, those who have known and loved the deceased are left with a void- a sense of emptiness. If there is no service, friends and family may have a difficult time accepting the reality of this event. There needs to be a definite experience that will validate the reality of death and provide an occasion for friends to share memories of the one who has died. The meaningful service of remembrance provides such an experience.


  • Funeral Service Gathering followed by Cremation.

  • Cremation Service followed by Memorial Service.

  • Gathering Service with Ceremonial Casket followed by Cremation.

  • Immediate Disposition "Direct Cremation" with no Services.


    A family may choose a traditional funeral service with cremation following. This has always been an acceptable procedure which follows along more traditional lines.


    The memorial service, as with the traditional service, is one way of placing focus on the dignity of life and the contributions your loved one has made through his or her life. The focus of this service allows those attending a time to reflect upon positive memories of the deceased.


    For families that wish a funeral service with cremation, we are now making available a "rental casket", ceremonial casket. This will allow the family and friends the benefit of the more traditional funeral with economy kept in mind. Perhaps you would wish to talk this option over with us.


    Though this at first may seem best, it may leave many, both family and friends, with a sense of emptiness and may make grief resolution more difficult. You should reconsider this method of disposition and weigh the benefits to family and friends on a life lived, and a life worthy of positive reflection in an environment where others who have known and loved the deceased may share mutual memories.


    Should the body be viewed before some form of disposition? This question must ultimately be decided by the family. At times this may be a painful experience, yet there is a definite "therapeutic value". Viewing the deceased after proper preparation sets the reality of death and allows the event to be psychologically settled in the minds of family and friends. Viewing the body is by far better than the mental picture your imagination has left with you. Some families may desire a time of visitation prior to the funeral service. We will be happy to share with you various options regarding the value of the visitation.

    A personal note to those arranging their own funeral service.

    When making arrangements in advance of need for yourself, you should keep your wishes compatible with those who will survive you. This will eliminate psychological (emotional) problems which may surface if you consider a form of disposition not acceptable to your loved ones. BE CONSIDERATE AND AWARE OF THE FEELINGS OF THOSE WHO WILL BE LEFT BEHIND TO DEAL IN THEIR LOSS OF COMPANIONSHIP. We advise you not to be forceful or insistent in any area that may be upsetting to those you leave behind. Keep in mind that the funeral service no matter what form of disposition you consider, is for the living.


    Cremation is irreversible and final.

    Cremation will take place only after ALL of the following conditions have been met.

    a. Any scheduled ceremonies or viewings have been completed.

    b. 48 hours have transpired since the pronouncement of death.

    c. Civil and medical authorities have issued all required permits.

    d. All necessary authorizations have been obtained, and NO OBJECTIONS have been raised.


    The authorizing agent requests the Cremation services in accordance with and subject to its rules and regulations, and applicable state/provincial or local laws or regulations to cremate the human remains; also the authorizing agent requests the ELLESTAD/STEIL CAMACHO FUNERAL HOME and its Crematory representative to arrange for the final disposition of the cremated remains, as set forth during this funeral arrangement conference. The authorizing agents have been given the opportunity to identify the human remains that were transferred to the ELLESTAD FUNERAL HOME as the decedent, and have authorized the funeral home to deliver the decedent to its Crematory representative, for cremation.

    The authorizing agents and the ELLESTAD/STEIL CAMACHO FUNERAL HOME and/or its agents have read and understand the attached document entitled: "CREMATION SERVICES POLICIES, PROCEDURES, AND REQUIREMENTS," and hereby authorize the crematory to perform the cremation of the decedent in accordance with the rules and regulations.


    The crematory will perform the cremation upon receipt of the human remains, at its discretion and according to its own time schedule, as work permits, without obtaining any further authorizations, or instructions. Any other arrangements for the timing of cremation must be requested in writing.


    Pacemakers, prostheses, silicon, and radioactive implants which are implanted in or attached to the decedent will have to be removed prior to cremation. They may create a hazardous condition when placed in the cremation chamber. The authorizing agent will instruct the funeral home and/or its agents to remove or arrange for the removal of these devices and to properly dispose of them prior to transporting the decedent to the Crematory. The authorizing agents authorizing the cremation process will be responsible for any damages caused to the Crematory, or its personnel by such devices and\or implants.

    4. PERSONAL POSSESSIONS - VALUABLE MATERIALS: The authorizing agents have instructed the funeral home to remove or arrange for the removal of any personal possessions-valuable materials. It is understood that anything left with the decedent will be destroyed in the cremation process.


    Any next of kin can witness the casket and/or cremation container being placed in the cremation chamber.


    The authorizing agents agree to assume all liability that may arise from any shipment, and to indemnify and hold the ELLESTAD/STEIL CAMACHO FUNERAL HOME and the Crematory, harmless from any and all claims that may arise from such shipment.

    7. AUTHORITY OF AUTHORIZING AGENT: The person making arrangements for cremation hereby certifies that he\she is the closest living next of kin of the decedent and that he\she is related to the decedent as husband, wife, son, daughter, parents, brother, sister,..... or that otherwise serves in the capacity of legal representative to the decedent, that he\she has charge of the remains of the decedent and as such possesses full legal authority and power, according to the laws of the state of Wisconsin, to execute the authorization form and to arrange for the cremation and disposition of the cremated remains of the decedent. In addition, he\she is aware of no objection to this cremation by any spouse, child, parent, or sibling specified.


    Crematory requires either a casket or a cremation container for cremation. All caskets or cremation containers must meet the following standards:

    a. be composed of materials suitable for cremation;

    b. be able to be closed to provide a complete covering for the human remains;

    C. be resistant to leakage or spillage;

    d. be sufficient for handling with ease;

    e. be able to provide protection for the health and safety of funeral home and crematory personnel.

    ELLESTAD/STEIL CAMACHO FUNERAL HOME discourages the purchase of metal caskets, as such caskets are inappropriate for the cremation process and equipment. If such casket is selected and delivered to the Crematory, then the Crematory at its sole discretion, reserves the right to take any or all following steps to facilitate the cremation:

    a. remove the casket lid prior to cremation;

    b. prop the casket lid open during cremation;

    c. cut an additional opening in the casket.

    Following cremation, the remnants of the metal casket shell will be manually or mechanically reduced in size and discarded in an economical manner.


    After 2-3 hours of the human remains being cremated, a cooling period must follow. The cremated remains will normally weigh several pounds in the case of an average size adult, then swept or raked from the cremation chamber. The Crematory will make every reasonable effort to remove all of the cremated remains from the cremation chamber, but it is impossible to remove all of them, as some dust and other residue from the process are always left behind. In addition every effort will be made to avoid commingling, inadvertent or incidental commingling of minute particles of cremated remains from the residue of previous cremations is a possibility.

    After the cremated remains are removed from the cremation chamber, all noncombustible materials (insofar as possible), will be separated and removed from the human bones fragments by visible or magnetic selection and will be disposed of by the crematory. When the cremated remains are removed from the cremation chamber, the skeletal remains often contain recognizable bone fragments. Unless otherwise specified, after the bone fragments have been separated from the other materials, they will be pulverized mechanically. This process of crushing or grinding may cause incidental commingling of the remains with the residue from the processing of previously cremated remains. These granulated particles of unidentifiable dimensions will be virtually unrecognizable as humans remains.

    After the cremated remains have been processed, they will be placed by us in a temporary container or in an urn purchased by the authorizing agent.


    Cremation is final disposition. The cremation process simply reduces the decedent's body to cremated remains. Some provisions must be made for the final disposition of these cremated remains.

    If the final disposition or delivery of the cremated human remains have not been completed within 30 days of the cremation, then the ELLESTAD/STEIL CAMACHO FUNERAL HOME, the Oakwood Crematory and\or its agents shall be authorized to arrange or deliver the cremated remains in any manner agreed in the authorization form or permitted by law. If the option selected for final disposition includes scattering, then the cremated remains will not be recoverable and the scattering must be done by the authorizing agent.


    The obligations of the ELLESTAD/STEIL CAMACHO FUNERAL HOME and or its agents shall be limited to the cremation of the decedent and the disposition of the decedent's cremated remains as authorized by the authorizing agents and authorization forms. No warranties express or implied are made and damages shall be limited to the amount of the cremation fee paid. As the Authorizing Agent you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the ELLESTAD/STEIL CAMACHO FUNERAL HOME and\or its agents, officers, employees, of and from any and all claims, demands, causes, or causes of action, and suits of every kind, nature, and description, in law or equity, including any legal fees, costs, and damages.

    If you have any questions please call us at (608) 437-5077. We will be glad to help you.

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